Our Story

About-ImageYears and years of disappointment, regret and sugar crashes. This is the backdrop of our story. Countless energy drinks have been consumed and countless energy drinks have left us unfulfilled. What other choice did we have? We were forced to create the best energy drink known to man, Motiv-8™ Energy.

Motiv-8™ Energy contains a high-quality, energy blend that not only elevates mood, but also aids in focus and concentration. So whether you are working out or just plain working, you’ll be energized and focused until completion. Many energy drinks can claim this, but this is where they end and where Motiv-8™ Energy forges on into worlds yet explored. Consisting of all-natural ingredients, Motiv-8™ Energy includes ingredients to burn calories and maintain proper hydration levels while being sugar free! Get Motiv-8™-ed.

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